The Slugchop project

Slugchop is a metal band whose subgenre is hard to define due to the diverse education of its members, which makes the sound various. Influences extend from Alternative metal to Nu metal, from Heavy metal to progressive metal, up to Industrial and Deathcore metal: all these genres get mixed to obtain an always-evolving sound..

The name Slugchop, too, has various meanings.

“Slug” refers both to the animal and the bullet, and it perfectly conveys the dichotomy that distinguishes the human being. On the one hand, there is a weak, fragile, and slimy creature; on the other, we have a lethal and solid weapon.

The slug is also the animal that symbolizes slowness par excellence, leading itself a slow existence. The slug in the name is an invitation to go back to a calmer life more suitable to human existence, now sacrificed on behalf of a society that wants us over-productive and well-performing at all costs.

The word "Slug" is followed by "Chop", a word that means to cut but also refers to a hit, a cutting blow. A very fast action, rapid and violent like the band's sound.

Face Yourself
Face Yourself
The Nu Refugees
Something you can't keep
Cover it black

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